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I am a mother to three superheroes of varying sizes. Although they can not fly or see through walls, they are very brave, enjoy playing pranks, boxing, will steal your heart and fill your days with roaring laughter. They are my pride and truly, my joy. I redecorate homes instead of counting sheep to put myself to sleep. I love my family and our thanksgiving football games. I love my friends and I love making new ones. I sometimes engage in games of synchronized golf, and enjoy other random silliness. My dreams are full of hot air balloons and European or tropical traveling adventures. I love ideas and spend large amounts of time thinking about them. I love people, and I love capturing the raw, quirky, interesting, imperfect and beautiful things about them. I enjoy the variations of human expression and relationships and hope to be able to preserve some of them for you! I love how a photo can so simply bring back a memory, evoke emotion, tell a story. If you are interested in having me help tell yours, feel free to send me an email and we will make a plan!
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Red Deer, Alberta



Tel: 403-396-9489




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